Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Sevyarynets: In a few days I can get to "correctional institution at home"

Klim Haletsky, UDF.BY

On October 27 Attestation Commission of Commandant's Office in the village Kuplino (Pruzhany district) admitted, that the co-chairman of the BCD party Pavel Sevyarynets "set out on the path of reform".

UDF.BY correspondent made a phone call to Pavel and learned the meaning behind the official statement, and whether the political prisoner is waiting for early release.

- What does it mean "set out on the path of reform"? Or this phrase is just simple bureaucratic formality?

- This is a simple formality. The so-called Attestation Commission recommends to higher authorities whom to release, whom to cut the term, and to whom not to change anything. The period of conditional release approaches, usually it's ¼, 1 / 3, ½ of a term, they attest a prisoner and talk about his behavior during spent time. So, I was told that I "set out on the path of reform".

- Did they add something else except this dry formulation?

- No, it was almost nothing except it. But the conclusions of this formulation may be such, that after a few days I can get to the "correctional institution at home". They will send me to serve the sentence in the place of residence in Vitebsk. I'll have to work, report to the police and to be at home from 22.00 till 6.00.

- Is there an option, that they won't just change your regime of imprisonment, but to release you early?

- There was no talks about it. I was given three years of correctional labor, I served one year of them, as soon as 5 months in jail are equal to 10 months of correctional labor. Practically, one third of the term. The time has come to consider my case. I have no hope to be released tomorrow. It is profitable for the authorities to keep me on correctional labor: the punishment looks very mild and liberal, but more than a year they can control my life. I will be restricted to travel abroad, I will always be at home, I will work in particular place.

- How do you evaluate the actions of solidarity, which have been held for several evenings on Kastrychnitskaya Square? Do you feel supported?

- Of course. I feel the prayer support, and the support with solidarity actions help to hold out too. I consider those who go out now to the square as heroes. Let many say, that they are desperate and small, but when there are at least a few people, it is already an event.