Updated at 13:06,25-02-2020

Secretary of Council of the Republic Detained in Belarus


October 20, law enforcement officers arrested head of the secretariat of the Council of the Republic of Belarus Gleb Bedritski in his office. This was reported by the sources close to the upper chamber of the Belarusian parliament and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The official information about the detention hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, there are no longer any pictures of the official on the site of the Council.

According to a source from the Interior Ministry, Gleb Bedritski was arrested red-handed with the money. His subordinate, the deputy head of one of the offices, was beside him when detained. It’ll soon become clear whether it's a bribe or not, reports "Ejednevnik."

A 37-year-old official, appointed to his post in 2003, was responsible for the submission "in the prescribed manner of materials to reward employees of the Secretariat of the Council of the Republic," for granting "other cash payments to the Council employees," the use of "incentives and disciplinary action in cases authorized by the Secretariat of the Council of the Republic," for use "of the property assigned to the Secretariat of the Council of the Republic, as well as financial resources within the expenditure of the Council of the Republic in consultation with the Chairman of the Council of the Republic."

According to sources, Gleb Bedritski used to hire people in exchange for some services. Using the unlimited possibilities to distribute payments, he had generously granted them to some young women, invited from other organizations and made a speedy career, as well as to men, who’d assisted in the construction of his cottage.

This was reported by law enforcement agencies in several anonymous letters. Gleb Bedritski is expected to be either indicted soon with a certain preventive measure or released.