Updated at 16:11,16-01-2019

Kalyakin: There won't be any early elections


"Our party is ready to participate in the election campaign", thus the chairman of "A Just World" party Sergei Kalyakin commented to UDF.BY on the appeared information in the Russian newspaper "Kommersant" about the possibility of early parliamentary elections in Belarus.

According to experts of the publication, planning to hold early elections, President Aleksandr Lukashenka hopes to avoid pressure from the West, demanding from him the democratization of the electoral legislation.

"We clearly understand what kind of conditions, in terms of legislation, in Belarus have been created for holding elections. But we believe, that election campaigns, even in such circumstances, provide more legal opportunities for working with people. But I think, this is another canard, and there will be no early elections. I don't see good arguments for the government why to do it. They have completely controlled parliament, which will do what it is told, and in those terms it is told. Therefore, it makes no sense to change it", said Sergei Kalyakin in the interview to UDF.BY.