Updated at 17:46,10-07-2018

Kastusyou: Only one person determines the date of elections


Parliamentary elections in Belarus can take place in April and at the end of the next year, the deputy chairman the BPF party Ryhor Kastusyou thinks. According to the politician, "only one person" determines the date of elections.

Ryhor Kastusyou noted, the BPF is planning to participate in the parliamentary campaign, but the format of participation - nomination of candidates or active boycott - to be determined later.

First of all, this format will depend on presence or absence of political prisoners in Belarus.

"Not carry out any work at all is unacceptable", said Ryhor Kastusyou in the interview to UDF.BY. "I think, because of political prisoners' presence, all the democratic forces of Belarus will tend not to nominate candidates".

Today Russian newspaper "Kommersant" reported of a possible holding of early parliamentary elections in Belarus. According to experts of the publication, planning to hold early elections, President Aleksandr Lukashenka hopes to avoid pressure from the West, demanding from him the democratization of the electoral legislation.