Updated at 16:11,16-01-2019

Lukashenka prepares Belarusians to be partisans

"Resistance movement, the partisan movement in Belarus is an integral part of the Belarusian people resistance. And today we have to prepare people for this, if it happens suddenly", Aleksandr Lukashenka said during the report of Defence Minister Yuri Zhadobin on the results of activity of the Armed Forces in 2011.

According to the president, military security of the state was and remains one of the main areas of activity of the country's leadership.

"We're always fundamentally and objectively evaluate the real situation around Belarus and take necessary measures to strengthen its security," the president said, noting the recent exercise on territorial defense is the visual confirmation of it.

The head of state noted, events of this year once again have proved, that some superpower states still put a principle of military force at the heart of their policies.

"This is particularly worrying now amid the global financial crisis. Therefore, our task is clear - to prevent the reduction of our military security in no way. Today we can speak about effectiveness of measures taken in this direction", BelTA quotes Lukashenka.