Updated at 16:11,16-01-2019

Kalyakin has started to restructure the party


On November 19 the plenum of the Central Committee of the Belarusian Leftist Party "A Just World" will take place. According to its leader Sergei Kalyakin, the party will try to take a fresh look at themselves and accept the work plan that will help to act more effectively in today's Belarus.

"The main issue at the plenary session is to review the internal assessment of the party's state, which was carried out in summer", Sergey Kalyakin told UDF.BY.

According to him, "very serious job" was done. And now, having discussed conclusions and evaluations, "we will adopt the action plan of the party for the nearest period", in order to "engage in political activity more effectively".

Briefly assessing results of the research. Sergey Kalyakin says, today the party is in "good moral and psychological conditions". "In regions there is an understanding, that activities of the center corresponds to the view of ordinary party members. And most important, there is no apathy," the politician states.

Answering the question of UDF.BY correspondent, about the number of party members, Sergei Kalyakin said, that today's number of people who "really work in the party" greatly exceeds the number of people who "officially documented their membership, getting the party ticket".

"It is quite understandable, since today the pressure on people who are in the opposition political parties is very strong", Sergey Kalyakin concluded.