Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Lukashenka uses liberals in the government for his selfish ends


Famous Belarusian economist Leonid Zlotnikov thinks, that Aleksandr Lukashenka, to some extent, has nothing to gain from the resignation of a market-minded members of the government, because they serve as a liberal buffer between the official Minsk and financial institutions.

As the expert told the UDF.BY correspondent, "on the one hand the president needs to show that there are liberal approaches in the Belarusian economy, in order to obtain loans from the West and Russia. On the other hand there is no serious threat to have a small number of people, who don't influence on the implementation of plans, but only speak out".

According to Leonid Zlotnikov, the current situation is favorable to Aleksandr Lukashenka, and "he will keep some of these people in the government for show".