Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

MIA officers began to physically eliminate everyone connected with "Platforma"


On November 27, under unknown circumstances, officers of Zavodsky District Police Department of Minsk arrested Yuri Chigileychik. From August 1, 2011, Yuri has been a volunteer of the Informational and Educational Institution "Plarforma", he made ​​a monitoring of rights and freedoms of prisoners in our country.

As it is noted in the statement of organization, Yuri was repeatedly subject to provocations, in addition, some time ago he was arrested by members of the department for fighting with organized crime. They found no grounds for charges against him, and had a talk with him about his work in "Platforma", threatening that if he continues to cooperate with the Institution he will go into prison. No doubts, that yesterday's arrest, is a revenge for Yuri's refusal to stop his work in "Platforma".

In addition, the criminal case of Andrei Bondarenko, the director of "Platform", still remains at the Prosecutor General's Office, which, obviously, is desperately searching for another reason to send him to prison.

The statement recalls, how they were destroying Yuri Lingo, which at a press conference told about the abuse in Glybokaye Penal Colony. Based on the testimony of a witness who was completely insane because of hard drinking, Yuri was charged with drinking beer in a public place, then he was arrested on a suspicion of stealing money, and the chief of Smargon Police Department promised to Yuri to pin on him all the unsolved thefts of the district and send him in the Penal Colony 13 (PC-13) for many years, where prison officials "grateful" for the interview have already waiting him. At the same time, they demanded from Yuri a written denial of the fact, that in the PC-13 people are tortured, and to confess that "Platforma" paid him big money for the relevant interview. However, fearing for his freedom and life, Yuri managed to give "Platform" a letter with the refutation of any possible insinuations about receiving money from the Institution members.

The materials decrediting "Platform" and its director Andrei Bondarenko, have been repeatedly appearing in the press. Obviously at the present time, not having achieved any response to their writing attempts, Ministry of Internal Affairs officers began to physically eliminate everyone connected with the Institution, the document says.