Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

"Tell the Truth": The state turned into a terrorist organization


The case of terrorist attack in Minsk subway on April 11, 2011 must be sent for further investigation. It is said in a statement posted on a website of the campaign "Tell the Truth".

The inquest of suspects was conducted with violation of procedural rules, and as incriminating evidence of committed crimes by Konovalov and Kovalev were submitted the facts that cannot be used as an evidence in the court, according to the campaign's statement.

"Moreover, the speed the investigation group unraveled "the evil deeds tangle" of Konovalov and Kovalev, which had its origin in Vitebsk bombings in September 2005, makes to think about, whether our law enforcement agencies pin their unsolved crimes of many years on innocent people", the statement says.

The conclusion, according to activists of "Tell the Truth" is only one: the case must be sent back for further investigation, and a moratorium on the death penalty should be adopted immediately in Belarus, in order to avoid fatal mistakes.

The death penalty of Dmitry Konovalov and Vladislav Kovalev, no doubt, will cause more frustration of Belarus citizens with regard to the law, law enforcement and safety", says the campaign's statement.

"Tell the Truth" also cites the results of IISEPS poll in September, where on the question "Recently the case on the explosion in Minsk subway on April 11, 2011 has been brought before the court . According to investigators, the crime was committed by a lone terrorist and his accomplice, and nobody was behind them. Do you believe in this version?" only 21.2% answered "Yes" - fifth of respondents.

On the question "Do you feel yourself protected by the law?" only 38.5% of respondents answered affirmatively. Found difficulty in replying 8.1%. 53.4% ​​of respondents don't feel protected by the law.

"With such a low level of Belarusians' trust to law enforcement agencies, to the court and legal system in general, the death sentence of Konovalov and Kovalev, if it is passed, will mean that the state has stopped to perceive society and individual citizens as equal legal partners and while untangling "the case of a terrorist act", by itself has been turned into a terrorist organization", the campaign "Tell the Truth" states. "Legally justified terror is a terror, too".