Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

"Regardless of which party is in power in Russia, the goal is one - the absorption of Belarus"


Regardless of which party is in power in Russia, the goal is one - the absorption of Belarus. Thus the deputy chairman of the BPF, former presidential candidate Ryhor Kastusyou commented to UDF.BY website on the elections results to the State Duma.

"United Russia didn't get the number of votes, which was planned, but anyway, an attitude of the Russian Federation to Belarus will not change. Regardless of which party is in power, they have one goal - the absorption of Belarus, the Russian interests to Belarusian companies and the country's economy as a whole. Therefore, the relations with Belarus will remain the same and at the same level as before", Ryhor Kastusyou says.

No matter how the policy of Russia is focused, whichever the party line is built, it turns out the same thing, the politician convinced. In this case, he compares United Russia with the Communist Party of the Soviet era.

"Nothing will change in the policy of the former Soviet Union's area. We've already known in advance who will be the president of Russia. The party in power will have the authority to dictate terms to all other parties, which will play up to the United Russia. There are no changes happened in the Russian political scene. The Soviet Union and the Communist Party have remained. United Russia is the same CPSU", Kastusyou said.

We remind, after 95.71% of ballots had been counted, United Russia gained 49.54% of the votes. The party have a claim on 238 out of 450 seats in the Duma. The Communist Party gained 19.16%, "Fair Russia" - 13,22%, Liberal Democratic Party - 11.66%.