Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Ukhnalev: New layout in Duma won't affect the relations between Russia and Belarus


Deputy Chairman of the Party "A Just World" Valery Ukhnalev considers the Results State Duma elections of Russia natural, but having little importance to relations with Belarus.

While commenting to UDF.BY website on the preliminary results of elections, the politician said that "in spite of the so-called managed democracy", there are elections in Russia, in contrast to Belarus, they count votes.

"Yes, United Russia has lost a lot of votes. But the result, in principle, corresponds to the figures, which were named in the results of sociological research by governmental and independent sociological services, despite the use of administrative resource, manipulation. This is normal and natural. And I think, the layout in the State Duma is better now", Ukhnalev says.

According to him, primarily this is due to the fact that United Russia won't have a constitutional majority.

"And before the elections Putin was trying to push by his authority, saying that we can't blur the parliament, which means, that having the constitutional majority, United Russia would take any decisions, particularly economic ones. They wouldn't have the necessity to conform it, to debate with the other groups. And now some compromise will appear, the search of approaches. Despite this democracy is controlled, but it is democracy".

Valery Ukhnalev believes, the new layout in the Duma won't affect the relations between Russia and Belarus.

"We will further build the Customs Union, single economic space, and so on, until Lukashenka will think of some new idea and everything will start to break down slowly", Deputy Chairman of "A Just World" party suggested, noting that the politics of relations with Belarus is the prerogative of the president and the government of Russia, and the State Duma "has no objection and represents this politics".

We remind, after 95.71% of ballots had been counted, United Russia gained 49.54% of the votes. The party have a claim on 238 out of 450 seats in the Duma. The Communist Party gained 19.16%, "Fair Russia" - 13,22%, Liberal Democratic Party - 11.66%.