Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Nemtsov: Lukashenko for the Russian authorities is a light in a window


Commenting on the detention of many protesters in Moscow, the Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov said, that the Russian authorities followed the path of Aleksander Lukashenka.

The opposition member told Radio Liberty about his detention Triumfalnaya Square in Moscow.

"I was surrounded by 10 people, they didn't preferred any charge, put me into a police bus and took to department. I gave some political information to the special forces policemen, they vowed that would never vote for a party of thieves, that is, for Putin's party, and afterwards I was released without explanation", said Boris Nemtsov, adding that Vladimir Putin is the student of Lukashenka.

According to the politician, the Russian authorities are following footsteps of the Belarusian president, "Lukashenko for them is a light in a window, it is their destiny, their way. However, they will come to a bad end, and one and the other - both Putin and Lukashenko. But their actions are absolutely the same".