Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Kalyakin: Lukashenka acts logically


"This indicates, it is unlikely that anything will be changed in the next elections. Although, nothing depends on Yermoshina".

That's how Sergei Kalyakin, chairman of "A Just World" party commented to UDF.BY on the appointment of Lydia Yermoshina.

"Even if Lukashenka has appointed another person, it would be a tested person who will run all the commands, which will be given to him", the politician said.

According to him, "Lukashenka in this case, as he believes, acts logically". "He keeps at the helm of the CEC the people who are absolutely loyal to him. In my opinion, for sure, a lot depends on the CEC in terms of electoral rules, but this is not the authority, where elections are rigged. It's much more important, what will be the membership of divisional and district committees in parliamentary elections", Sergei Kalyakin said.

As the leader of "A Just World" notes, the CEC may issue the documents that will make the process "more liberal". But at the same time, "district committees if they are of the same membership, and will work in the same manner, anyway will make the result, which is needed, and which they are told"

"The election results don't depend on who is included in the CEC. It will depend entirely on different reasons: the general political, economic situation, the international situation and more. I wouldn't say, that the appointment of the CEC puts an end to the question of parliamentary elections ", the politician concluded.