Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Kostuseu: We didn't expect to see another person on this post


"We didn't expect to see another person on this post. Lukashenko in this sense acts sequentially".

That's how former presidential candidate, co-chairman of the BPF party, Ryhor Kastuseu commented to UDF.BY on the appointment of Lydia Yermoshina as the head of the CEC for the next five years.

"Again he appointed Lydia Yermoshina as the head of the Central Election Commission: his own trusted person, who knows how to count properly", the politician said.

According to him, the BPF will participate in parliamentary elections. But the format of this participation will be chosen later, taking into account many factors.

"The first and most important - the existence of political prisoners. If there are no positive changes in this respect, then the BPF and other members of the coalition of six democratic entities will hold the boycott campaign of the parliamentary elections", Ryhor Kostuseu said.

He also informed that at a meeting of "the six" they had adopted specific plans.

"I think, in the next month or two we will make a joint opinion. I'm almost certain, that the situation won't get better. If the authorities wanted to meet halfway, they wouldn't sentence Byalyatski", the former presidential candidate said.