Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Margolin: People who have experience in rigging elections, worth weight in gold


"This appointment is not surprising. Here, as never before, suitable a proverb: Never swap horses while crossing the stream. Still, the elections is quite a complex process. That's why, people who have experience in rigging elections, worth weight in gold".

That's how Lev Margolin, deputy chairman of the United Civil Party commented to UDF.BY on the appointment of Lydia Yermoshina as the head of the Central Electoral Commission for the next five years.

Concerning the future participation of the opposition in upcoming parliamentary elections, then, as the deputy chairman of the UCP noted, now none of the parties has no definite opinion on this matter.

"None of the parties has a question to take part in the elections and win. Just as no one has no doubts, the authorities may let some of the opposition members into the parliament by their list. But there is a threat, that a boycott of the electoral campaign by the opposition may help to legitimize the regime. So we are trying to find a solution, which will allow the opposition, in one form or another, to participate in the elections and won't allow the authorities to legalize their results", Lev Margolin said in an interview to UDF.BY.