Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Davydko considers himself a "bargaining chip for political trades"


Head of the Belteleradiocompany Gennady Davydko doesn't like at all, that he is added in the "black list" of persons banned entering the European Union.

In an interview with the weekly Arguments and Facts he called this decision "a disgrace for those who invented it".

"They don't let me into the territory, which my grandfather was liberating from fascism. He died there, but I can not go to his grave, - said Gennady Davydko. - You know, many people sincerely believe, that someone from foreign politicians wishes us good. It is time to realize, that none of them wishes us good. Everyone wants the good for oneself, and sometimes for one's own country, and they only see us as a sales market, or a bargaining chip for political trades".