Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Bogdankevich: Chairman of the Public Consultative Council Should Not be So Capricious


On November, 12 head of Lukashenkos Administration and chairman of the Public Consultative Council at the Presidents Administration Vladimir Makey suspended work of the Council. In particular he said that "some mass media describe the Council as useless and needless body, stating that all questions of electoral legislation reforms have already been solved at a meeting with president." The head of Lukashenkos administration placed all responsibility on some members of the Council, opposition and independent press.

"I am sure this decision was agreed with Alexander Lukashenko. Or it was adopted personally by Lukashenko" - member of the Council, honorary chairman of the United Civil Party Stanislav Bogdankevich said.

"I am not representing the United Civil Party or the United Democratic Forces in the Public Consultative Council" - Stanislav Bogdankevich noted. "I was invited individually. At the same time I reserved the right to criticize the actions of the government and the Council".

At the meeting of the Public Consultative Council it was planned to discuss Stanislav Bogdankevichs report on the issue of changes to the electoral legislation.

"I believe that the proposals of the Public Consultative Council should be passed to President and Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC). Mr. Lukashenko had twice discussed reform of electoral legislation with Chairman of CEC Lidia Ermoshina, and Council meeting on that issue was constantly rescheduled. So criticism to the Council is reasonable. The proposals are aimed only at improving electoral legislation and holding free and democratic elections" - Stanislav Bogdankevich said.

Members of the Public Consultative Council were informed that a meeting was postponed without date. If the date of the next meeting is not being announced in the nearest time, Stanislav Bogdankevich will pass his report to mass- media.

"Chairman of the Council should not be so capricious" Stanislav Bogdankevich noted.