Updated at 11:59,21-05-2018

Matskevich: Memorial actions have no chance of success


"The regime wants to drive out all the opposition activity in such an action. To catch someone regularly, sentence, maintain the level of fear in society. The main thing is to arouse in the protest part of the population some sympathy and compassion, that do not turn into actions. We see, the authorities have succeeded in this direction", methodologist Vladimir Matskevich said in an interview with UDF.BY, while commenting on the detention of protesters of the action "Light a candle of hope".

According to Vladimir Matskevich, "memorial actions" cannot be numerous in the current political regime, which during the interview he repeatedly called as "totalitarian".

"Such date, as the anniversary of the Square will be celebrated while there is democracy, not now, under a totalitarian regime. Similarly, Easter and Christmas were celebrated in Soviet times at home, because it wasn't possible in another way. In the narrow circle of friends and family many remember that date, but it's an occasion for sadness and sorrow, and not for coming to a public event", Matskevich said.

Vladimir Matskevich doesn't think of another brutal actions of "unknown in civilian clothes" as of irrational actions by the authorities. On the contrary, he sees in them a clear logic and sequence:

"The logic of the authorities is to focus people's attention on such inefficient and unsuccessful actions of the opposition. To create heroes of such resistance, - the expert explains. - They catch them once again, "encourage" to sympathize with them, maybe even to bring some parcels to Akrestina prison. That is, they occupied the opposition-minded people not with strategic planning of the resistance movement, but with such "sympathizing" actions".

Vladimir Matskevich stresses, he doesn't condemn people who came today to the street. Their actions "also require activity, courage and willpower". However, in his opinion, such actions "are not real actions of resistance and don't threaten the regime".