Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Shushkevich: Belarus turned into a terrorist state


"Belarus turned into a terrorist state. And the feeling of impunity is elevated to a level of the state politics", Stanislav Shushkevich the former head of Belarus said in an interview with UDF.BY.

That's how the politician commented on the unreasonable brutality of the Belarusian authorities they inflicted reprisal against the activists of the Ukrainian movement FEMEN, who held on December 19 at the KGB headquarters in Minsk the protest action against Lukashenko's regime.

"Everybody became insane: from the president to the last pathetic riot policeman. This is the state, where methods of terrorism are approved, where there is nothing human. And maybe Lukashenko will end as Ceausescu ended. But I'm afraid that we will have in much more massive scale", Stanislav Shushkevich said.

As UDF.BY reported earlier, Belarusian politician warned the activists of FEMEN, that this trip to Minsk will be extremely dangerous.

"When I came out after the press conference in Kiev, the girls said they wanted to protest the anniversary of beating their friends and colleagues in Minsk. I told them: girls, you'll have to deal with the bandits. However, they apparently thought, that there is something human here. I tried to persuade them not to hold their action, because in Belarus there are people who have lost all humanity. They are, starting from the president, guided only by instincts, there is no mind there. He has ruined our country to the basement. They act by cannibalistic principles. These scoundrels, I say again, elevated the impunity to a level of the state politics. They create a gangster state. North Korea in comparison with Belarus probably looks better already!", Stanislav Shushkevich said.