Updated at 14:54,16-10-2020

Survilla: Lukashenko Sold his Soul for a Few Ducats


Chairman of the Belarusian National Republic Rada in exile Ivonka Survilla addressed her New Year congratulation to the Belarusians.

According to her, "a man who calls himself President of the Republic of Belarus, has proved in 2011 that Belarus is nothing for him than the easily scrounged state-run good". "He’s sold his soul for a few ducats; each time he deepens himself into the swamp with the help of eastern "well-doers", she said.

She believes that the president "executes orders not even to meet his own interests", reports the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty.

"The events of December 19, 2010, the arrest of opponents, the Moscow agreement on the allegedly "cheap" gas in exchange for priceless assets of our region - gas pipelines to Europe, the new "union" structure in which Belarus would have as much as 6% of the votes (!!!), the permit for Russia to use our land again for building their nuclear pans, despite people's desire to get rid of this threat, testing the patience of the people, creating new power structures - in order to fight against whom? It seems that everything is done to wipe off Belarus from the Earth's face. But our poor people are still thinking that this all is done for their good ... And wait", said Ivonka Suvilla.

"I remember the genocide, when humanity was also waiting for something to change but doing nothing... Dear compatriots, nothing will change without you. And if you lose your state, what will be left to your children and grandchildren? Again, Moscow colony, the occupied and destroyed land, where you will be nothing but cheap labor for "satraps", said the chairman of the BNR Rada.