Updated at 11:43,21-10-2020

Today Yuri Zakharenko would be 60 years old


Today General Yuri Zakharenko would be 60 years old

Former Interior Minister of Belarus was born on January 4, 1952 in Vasilevichy town of Rechitsa district of Gomel region. October 16, 1995, Yuri Zakharenko was dismissed as Minister of Internal Affairs. After resignation he was a member of the National Committee of the United Civil Party, engaged in the creation of the Union of officers. He headed election headquarters of Mikhail Chigir - the presidential candidate in alternative elections of 1999.

May 7, 1999 at about midnight on the way home Yuri Zakharenko was kidnapped by unknown assailants in civilian clothes. Since then, the investigation period has been extended regularly, and the Prosecutor General's Office continues to send relatives of the politician formal replies.

Former high-ranking Belarusian officials are suspected of involvement in the kidnapping and murder of Zakharenko. They are: former Interior Ministers Vladimir Naumov and Yuri Sivakov, ex-secretary of Security Council Viktor Sheiman, and former commander of the military unit 3214 Dmitry Pavlichenko.

Yuri Zakharenko opened a terrible page of political disappearances in Belarus ... After him on September 16, 1999 politician Viktor Gonchar and businessman Anatoly Krasovsky were kidnapped too. July 7, 2000 camera operator of ONT channel Dmitry Zavadsky vanished into thin air.