Updated at 11:43,21-10-2020

Expelled from the UCP Dmitriev will do “a real politics“


Expelled on Tuesday from the ranks of the United Civil Party, former head of election headquarters of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaev, Andrey Dmitriev don't worry much about what has happened.

In an interview with BelaPAN the young politician has shown, that he is not upset by his comrades' decision:

"Everyone is calling me and congratulate, absolutely serious, without a hint of irony. This is significant". However, he shows some annoyance in his words: "What can I say? Decided on the sly, with an enviable "speed", while reacting to the events of 2010. Perhaps such a step is taken now in preparation for the forthcoming Congress of the United Civil Party, and in order to remind themselves. And I remind you about another thing: party cleaning has always been part of a diversion from real issues. With regard to information about the alleged creation of some center-left party, the "news" for me is one more surprise. Well at least they didn't imputed to me the intention to lead the "White Russia" party ..."

"In due time the UCP has given me good experience, a lot of interesting acquaintances and friends, thanks to her. All that remains with me. It is time to do real politics, understanding the goals and objectives. Lot of work is ahead", Dmitriev said.

As UDF.BY reported earlier, on January 10 Andrey Dmitriev was expelled from the UCP at a meeting of the Minsk city council of the party.

"The statement according to the statute - for causing harm to the political party, - the head of the party's press service Anatoly Pavlov commented on this decision to the Minsk city organization of the UCP. - Political damage is evident. Let's take the last elections. For the first time the party by a congress' decision nominated its presidential candidate. And Dmitriev being not just an ordinary member of the party, but the member of the National Committee and head of the International Commission of the UCP, was demonstratively doing the leadership of entirely different candidate's headquarters. How to regard it, as not the political damage? And the second point - his statement made on Belarusian TV after December 19, 2010.

We must esteem Yaroslav Romanchuk - after his statement on Belarusian TV he found the courage to wrote a statement and left the party. Dmitriev didn't consider it necessary. I have no doubt he will arrange another fuss around his exclusion. Especially now, when he announced his plans to create a center-left party, which, incidentally, is contrary to the UCP's ideology. He had to leave on his own, but didn't do it. Therefore, the city council made ​​this decision".