Updated at 19:48,25-10-2020

Stanislau Shushkevich: Schulz has right attitude towards Belarus


The first head of independent Belarus, Stanislau Shushkevich, thinks the new head of the European Parliament, German social democrat Martin Schulz, understands Lukashenka cannot be changed.

Shushkevich says before Schulz was elected, he wanted to print a photo of the politician in his book and forecast he may become the president of the European Parliament.

"He is a real social democrat. I am well acquainted with him. I met him several times in Strasbourg. He knows Mikalai Statkevich well. He is a politician who has a right attitude towards Belarus, who understands there's dictatorship in the country and Lukashenka cannot be changed.

He will continue the policy of Jerzy Buzek. He can find instruments to influence Belarus, because he is a representative of the economically powerful country, which chancellor understands well what Belarus is. Lukashenka cannot expect anything good from his election"
, Shushkevich told in an interview to Belorusski Partizan.