Updated at 17:34,27-10-2020

Putin made threatening statements to Belarus


Candidate for president of Russia Vladimir Putin has announced his latest program article. This time the publication of the Prime Minister devoted to assessing the economic situation in Russia and prospects of its development. Prime Minister also didn't forget about the integration projects.

"In recent years, the Customs Union was established, Common Economic Space, free trade zone of the CIS. Harmonization of technical regulations is going on. Russia is consistently trying to create a single market with its neighbors. The market, where penetration of goods and services wouldn't meet any obstructions, wouldn't be faced with the uncertainty of conditions. Of course, then we take into account the interests of partners, we make compromises, even concessions. But very soon these concessions will be payed off handsomely. Big market of CES will increase the competitiveness of each of our countries, we proceed from this", Vladimir Putin wrote.

The phrase about concessions, that "very soon will be payed off handsomely", cannot but cause suspicion. Especially, since all the independent Belarusian experts say: the Kremlin has a great desire to get all the choicest pieces of Belarusian property. And finally, to make Lukashenko agree to introduction of the Russian ruble in Belarus as the national currency.

However, experts are convinced that Lukashenko will balk until the end, trying to counter Russian expansion.

"Lukashenko is like any authoritarian ruler, doesn't want to compromise an ounce of his power. If he gives away the currency, other owners will be in our country. Same with the sale of the largest Belarusian state assets. Alexander Lukashenka will fight desperately for his power and with Russia, and with Europe and with the opposition. He hasn't yet become "a bandar-log", so concerning Putin's integration projects we'll see what we we'll see", political analyst Alexander Klaskovsky told in an interview to UDF.BY.