Updated at 22:10,27-11-2020

Milinkevich against ballot strike

Belsat TV

"There is no fair count of votes and consequently, no free and fair elections in Belarus. The authorities are sure to appoint members of parliament", Alexander Milinkevich, leader of the Movement for Freedom, states. In his view, organizing an effective ballot strike will take a lot of people spreading the information about such a form of protest.

To the politician’s mind, the democratic forces ought to take an active part in the election procedure aiming at organizing a social dialogue with voters. "It is crucial we should explain why this regime has grim prospects and provide more information on the current situation and the trends that provoked crisis in the country. However, as the political prisoners are still kept in prison I am to withdraw from the election before the voting", Alexander Milinkevich says.

"Repressive measures have been tightening because the authorities failed to run the country without implementing policy of deterrence", the former presidential candidate notes.

According to Mr. Milinkevich, international diplomatic, political, broad visa and smart economic sanctions may influence on the situation in the country. "But I do not support introducing broad economic sanctions. They have hardly ever brought more democracy", the politician pointed out. In addition, the opposition leader fears that broad economic sanctions will diminish pro-democracy and pro-European feelings of the Belarusian public.

Alexander Milinkevich defines the current situation as "the moment of great responsibility". "It is vital we should make the country free and save Belarus, it is under the threat of dissolution. The imperial ambitions of neighbouring Russia are evident and the economic annexion of Belarus might well take place. Being a sovereign country means a tremendous lot to us", the politician points out.