Updated at 11:43,21-10-2020

Opposition is denied picketing everywhere

Radio Liberty

On February 18 party members were going to picket against the worsening economic situation in the country, but local authorities refused to three applicants - residents of Vitebsk and four people from Orsha.
Denials came from the three regional administrations of the regional center, the chairman of the regional organization of the leftist party "A Just World" Nikolai Selivashko told.

The reason - lack of contracts with housing services, doctors and police on service activities.

"They wrote us, that we should make contracts, to pay for services, and then the government will decide to give us permission", chairman of the Orsha municipal party organization Nikolai Demidov said.

He explained, that one of pickets was planned in Baran village and three - in Orsha itself. Party members suggested, in this way they will be able to draw the attention of a greater number of fellow countrymen.

"However, in the executive committee, perhaps, they have decided, that this problem is not relevant. Since the authorities not only didn't allow the picket, but once again violated the law by sending us the answer not five days before the action, as expected, but only three days before. Exactly the same situation was a month ago, when an answer to the application on picketing on the problem of poverty, was also given with a delay", Demidov said.