Updated at 20:51,24-11-2020

Expert: Reaction to Lukashenko's threats will come in a few days


Reaction of European politicians to the threats of Alexander Lukashenko may come in a few days. That's how political analyst Roman Yakovlevsky commented on today's president's statements on the presentation of credentials by ambassadors of foreign countries.

We remind, Lukashenko burst into the next tirade about European sanctions against a number of officials and enterprises in Belarus.

"Understand: these sanctions, which you are waving in front of our noses, we've been tolerating so far. But once you cross the red line, we will respond very harshly", the president said. "If someone in Europe thinks, we are still can be "bowed" by some sort of sanctions, accusations, demands, then it is the road to nowhere".

Commenting on the president's statements to the website "Tovarisch.online" Roman Yakovlevsky noted, that "it's well known, which events have caused the current situation of abnormal relations between Europe and Minsk. Well, maybe it's not known to the new Israeli ambassador, who for the first time saw today the live head of Belarus".

In his view, the reaction to the threats about some kind of "a red line", which the West should be afraid to cross, most likely will come in a few days.

"For European MPs who on February 27 should again discuss the "problem of Lukashenko," the sounded judgments should add much adrenaline", the political analyst said.