Updated at 20:11,29-10-2020

Yakauleuski: Martynov was appointed to the role of postman


Foreign Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov hasn't been invited yet to the meeting of foreign ministers of the Visegrad Group countries and the Eastern Partnership, which will be held on March 4 in Prague. This statement was made ​​yesterday by the Czech Foreign Ministry Ambassador at Large Peter Mares at a press conference in Minsk.

Mares didn't mention the conditions under which Martynov could be invited to Prague, but said: "Both sides know what should be done to make it happen". On what the MFA maliciously retorted, "it's known to both sides", that Minister "didn't plan to" go anywhere.

"Comments from the MFA has long been causing a sarcastic smile of many", the political analyst Roman Yakauleuski told in an interview with UDF.BY, "because this ministry is trying to imagine the incredible as self-evident".

He also noted, that precisely Martynov was in Prague when the presentation of the Eastern Partnership was held. At the same time he is not in the list of banned in EU after the events of December 19. These facts indicate that Martynov is needed only for uninterrupted working-level contacts between Brussels and Minsk. Not more.

"As you know, the role of "postman" was attributed to him after the events of December 19", Yakauleuski said.

The message of the Czech diplomat is that an invitation is possible, Minsk knows what to do for it (no accident that Belarusian minister was not invited with the proviso "yet"). However, it seems there is no prospects for the Eastern Partnership regarding Belarus, and Minsk doesn't need the program.

"Representatives of Belarusian authorities have repeatedly stated, the Eastern Partnership is the dead program for them, and that its financing - and originally the figure of €600 million for all participating countries was announced - is obviously insufficient. Today, it would be hard to expect something from Europe in financial sense, when it is so burdened with Greek problems", the political analyst said.

Another reason, why one shouldn't talk about the possibility of the meeting of Belarusian Minister and his colleagues from Europe - Minsk persistence in ignoring the requirements of the EU. First and foremost, on the release of political prisoners. But does such a position means, the vector of Belaus development is finally turned further east than the Eastern Partnership - towards Russia?

"Not the country has turned, but the ruling regime", Yakauleuski is sure. "And do normal citizens need to turn around? We welcome Europe, as well as any equitable integration with neighboring and other countries".