Updated at 14:54,16-10-2020

Kalyakin: In the near future we'll see the conflict of interests between Minsk and Moscow


"The results have been expected, it was clear that Putin is the favorite in the race of candidates", the leader of "A Just World" Party Sergei Kalyakin commented to UDF.BY on the results of presidential elections in Russia.

According to the politician, the only surprise was a small percentage of votes cast for Putin. "I expected him to score in the range of 57-59%. But 64% - it's quite a lot, good result", he said.

The leader of "A Just World" believes that Russia will continue the policy which it pursued with regard to Belarus, "but it will be made ​​more pragmatic and more firmly".

"There will be bills and the commitments undertaken by Belarus. Therefore, the conflict of interest is inevitable, which I think, we will see soon!", Sergei Kalyakin said.

The politician also said, the Russian elections differ significantly from Belarusian ones.

"In Russia the part of candidates is the systemic opposition: it is well-known people having the opportunity to use the parliamentary platform for promotion of their ideas - Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky. In Belarus, there is no, our political system is almost eliminated. And this despite the fact, that in Russia, of course, are flaws in the democratic institutions and procedures.

But Russia is a big country. There's so much determined by the regional elites, and the tough control is impossible. Therefore, there is no such a total system of frauds, as in Belarus, and other mechanisms are used, more archaic: a carousel, ballot stuffing, work with absentee ballots, etc.

We have all the easier. In my opinion, they simply write the result in advance and bring it to the committee chairmen, and then they are declared. In this context, to compare the elections in Belarus and in Russia is impossible"
, Sergei Kalyakin said.

We remind, that according to the CEC, after proceeding 99.3% of protocols, Putin is gaining 63.75% of votes, Gennady Zyuganov - 17.19%, Mikhail Prokhorov - 7.82%, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, is gaining 6.23%, Sergei Mironov - 3.85%.

"Vladimir Putin, according to preliminary data, has been elected as President of the Russian Federation", head of the CEC of Russia Vladimir Churov said at a press conference on Monday.