Updated at 19:48,25-10-2020

Lev Margolin: Putin showed Lukashenko how to hold elections


"The results were expected. When at the parliamentary elections "The United Russia" fell short of 50%, it was clear that Putin during the presidential elections will take more than his party and, most likely, the elections will end in the first round", Deputy Chairman of the United Civil Party, Lev Margolin, commented to UDF.BY on the results of presidential elections in Russia.

According to the politician, it is possible that during the voting there were "some kind of manipulations", but they are unlikely to have a "substantial weight".

Lev Margolin considered as a surprise the third place of billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov.

"With regard to the consequences for Belarus, the most important thing is the atmosphere of commitment to free and fair elections, which reigned in Russia from December to March. I think, it has already had and still has an impact on the mood in our country", deputy chairman of the UCP said. "Of course, a lot will depend on future actions of the new-old regime. If the statements of forthcoming liberalization and future changes in the political system of Russia are no pre-election games, but the serious though-out politics, then the influence on Belarus can not be overestimated. Because the Western pressure on the process of democratization will become stronger and will be added with the natural pressure from the East. We must also take into account the impact of the media broadcasting in our territory from Russia".

Concerning the economic and political relations, the politician doesn't see prospects for change: "Power state doesn't change. And its approach to the situation in Belarus we've know - this approach is quite pragmatic. It's enough to remember, that the valid contract for the loan of the Eurasian Bank determines that in Belarus the assets of not less than $ 2.5 billion annually should be privatized. Apparently, this condition will be strictly maintained".

Lev Margolin also said he was impressed by the rally in support of Putin, which was in the evening of 4 March in Moscow. "You could say that someone has come there by the instructions, but so many people is impossible to bring by instructions. This indicates quite a large number of Putin's supporters", the politician said. "Also, rallies of other presidential candidates, which will be held today: I think, there will be nothing even remotely resembling the Belarusian events on December 19, 2010. So, it was even difficult for me to find something in common in these two campaigns. Putin was confident of victory, and he needed the legitimacy in the eyes of people, but not only the fact of election, confirmed by the CEC. Because he was really confident in his abilities. But Lukashenko was not confident in his abilities, and because of it, his harsh reaction to peaceful protest then followed".