Updated at 14:54,16-10-2020

Yanukevich: After the elections, the threat to Belarus' independence will increase


Chairman of the BPF party Aleksei Yanukevich believes, the results of presidential elections in Russia were entirely predictable, despite some awakening of Russian society.

From the very beginning it was clear, that Putin will gain the victory in the first round, Yanukevich said in an interview with UDF.BY.

"For Belarus, these results mean, that those openly imperial policy, which was declared by Putin as an election platform, will now be at the level of Russian state policy", the leader of the BNF assumed. According to him, the threat to both political and economic independence of Belarus will increase after the elections.

First of all, Belarus is threatened with the prospect of introducing the Russian ruble, and with the steps aimed at getting control over the most effective Belarusian enterprises by Russia and the oligarchs.

"I think, now this politics will be pursued by Putin in more assured and shameless way, without regard to the West", Yanukevich said . "The mobilization of the Belarusian society to oppose these threats will be required.

At the same time, the Russian elections are quite different from the presidential campaign in Belarus, as in Russia they use very different technologies to ensure the victory and needed results.

"In Russia, even within the system an illusion, that elections are democratic and the voice of people is essential, is continuing its existence. Accordingly, there is much more attention paid to the agitation and assuring, capturing hearts and minds of voters in informational and ideological terms", said the politician.
"And in Belarus, the main focus is on ensuring the smooth operation of the election machinery, which steering wheel is only in one pair of hands - the hands of the authorities".

As a result, the election campaign in Russia leaves the illusion of debate and struggle, while in Belarus, even the illusion is not there. Russian elections, according to Yanukevich can be called "interactive media production".