Updated at 17:30,27-10-2020

From the arrested banker a thread can come to Gaidukevich


Arrest and detention of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of JSC "Technobank" Vladislav Kotsarenko isn't connected with politics, but the banker is also the deputy chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Sergei Gaidukevich.

This opinion was expressed to "Belarusian partisan" by a businessman, who asked to remain anonymous.

"The charges leveled against the banker suggest that he "got burned" on cashing - and nothing more. When I need to get a cash, and I have only non-cash payment, I go to the special people who have a firm-by-night, or "dumps", or "fincas". I give non-cash - they give me cash. These schemes became active in the last year, when Belarus has experienced serious problems with the currency. A lot of "dumps" revolved around the "Technobank". The fact that he is suspected of complicity in commission of the crime, says that he could help build the cashing schemes, he didn't cash himself, but it was through him. They just started to work out "dumps" that welled up on the last year's problems, and during November-January they have reached the top of such persons - it suits by terms", the businessman said.

The expert admits, this is not the last arrest of a banker. In any case, "small banks will be shaken - a lot of "garbage dumps" always spin around the small banks".

Businessman sees no connection between the financial activity of Vladislav Kotsarenko and his political activities.

"Gaidukevich has some slice in the bank, but Vladislav Kotsarenko has more of this slice. And in general businessmen associated with the "dumps" have always spun around Gaidukevich. "But I think that in this case we are talking about the redistribution of financial flows "dumps" - and nothing more", the businessman said.

We remind, the leader of the LDP Sergei Gaidukevich twice was a candidate for Belarus' presidency. And he was going to run for the post in 2010 for the third time, but at the last minute changed his mind. This is not the first scandal involving a close environment of the politician. In 2009, the deputy chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Karunas was sentenced to five years imprisonment with confiscation of property for taking bribes and for frauds.

Chief of the Department of Information and Public Relations of the Investigative Committee, Pavel Traulko informed about the detention of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of JSC "Technobank" Kotsarenko on March 6.