Updated at 17:25,07-01-2021

Former Labor Minister: You see yourself, where did a state farm director lead the country


"Lukashenko can do none of the things he has promised", that's how Former Labour Minister Alexander Sosnov commented UDF.BY on President's statement, that from now the size of salaries will depend on productivity growth.

"I observe, people and labor groups are increasingly raising the question of wage increases. We have agreed without fail: there is growth in labor productivity, growth in sales - please, raise the salary and pay. If there is no productivity - there is no salary. Otherwise, we repeat the financial and economic crisis that we went through", Lukashenko said, visiting on Thursday the Gomel region.

"The very phrase is naked. In theory - all right. Theoretically ... The growth of wages should barely keep up with the growth of labor productivity so that the economy to develop, so that the economy was kept afloat.

The case is different: 18 years Lukashenko appoints leaders unable to lead, not able to increase productivity growth. Once he appoints everybody alone, so he is personally guilty, so he is responsible. No need to shift the blame on others, although are there any healthy people in this system? Recently watched how in a Minsk factory the director was removed, who was a fool, they've appointed another - so he's even a bigger fool!

Everything we have belongs to the state. This system is basically ineffective, so here cannot be any talks! If everything in the country is state runned, if everything in the country defines Lukashenko - then he, and only he is responsible!

After all, we told him to transfer the economy to a market way 18 years ago - no, we need to come back to the Soviet Union! And he proved that you can live 18 years in the Union. You can see for yourself, where has a state farm director lead the country for 18 years! And he can do none of the things he has promised - there are economic laws, which you can not cross.

And anyway, if not the Russian feeding - "Belarusian model" would have collapsed long ago", Alexander Sosnov said in an interview with UDF.BY.