Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

New charges was preferred to Chizh oligarch

This was informed at a press conference on the irreparable environmental damage around the Shatsky lakes and Polesie by the former Ukrainian Ambassador to Belarus Roman Bessmertny.

"Appeal to the International Court, the application of economic sanctions are totally appropriate in this situation", the former ambassador said.

Roman Bessmertny also said that during a series of meetings in governmental Belarusian-Ukrainian Commission this issue was discussed, the site unian.net informs.

According to him, "even in the common document, which was developed after the visit of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in Minsk in the summer of 2010, this position also was listed". Ex-Ambassador said that the Belarusian side undertook to "stop the development of the second phase of a career". Roman Bessmertny noted that although the Ukrainian side met its obligations and provided its candidacy for entry into the creating joint commission and proposed a methodology to assess the damage during the development by Belarus the Hotislavski deposits of chalk, the Belarusian side even on this occasion "did not give an official response."

"Why the Belarusian side behaves like that? You know, in any case there is a password. This password in Hotislavski fields are two words: one word - the name of the person - Yuri Chizh, and the second - is the name of the firm "Triple". This is the person who belongs to the "court business" of President Lukashenko", Bessmertny said. He added that "no matter how many Ukrainian presidents - Kuchma, Yushchenko, Yanukovich - not raised this issue, it is limited to one issue, as it is today is part of the family business, so the discussion on this subject is very difficult to maintain."

Bessmertny also said that the agreement between Ukraine and Belarus are not met, so the "exploration and development of a career is in full swing," and the assurance of the Belarusian side, that "there is nothing that held any hydrological events, everything, let's say is not true - production is underway and the most dangerous thing in this situation - the career becomes deeper".

By the conviction of Bessmertny , "a continuation of such work in the area of Polesie is fraught with enormous danger not only for the Polesie", but also for the territory of other countries.

At the same time Bessmertny believes that this problem can be solved. According to him, it can be done in the tripartite dialogue - Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, by adding "the Ukrainian and Belarusian territories to the zone of weathering hydrobiological reserve, which today are recognized by UNESCO as part of the Western Polesie of Poland", because then all the work in these areas will be terminated. "But I must say, if the present political regime in Belarus exists - this is impossible," Roman Bessmertny said.

Senior Researcher of the Institute of Hydrobiology of National Academy of Sciences Vladimir Shcherbakov said that due to the career in Hotislavski Polesie a lot of threats have risen. In particular, he said, the shrinking of Shatskie lakes will occur. He noted that in lakes located at a distance of 12-17 kilometers away from this quarry, the water exchange decreased by 2,8-5 times, that is, "we have a clear signal that it is a negative impact on the environment of Ukraine." Scherbak also said that there is a great danger of losing both vegetable and animal world, some of which are listed as endangered.