Updated at 19:56,22-01-2021

Zingeris: Soon all Belarusian people will say the king is naked


Belarusians deserve to have their opportunities, as well as all normal European nations. This was stated in an interview to the press service of the Association StudAlliance by chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Lithuanian Seimas Emanuelis Zingeris.

According to him, Belarusians have the right to "withdraw from the silent zone in history," to stop living in fear, and looking back, will the guardsmen come and say: "Comrade, Let's go."

"I do not think you can keep your life in a state of subordination to the reality that has produced a group of people who have robbed your people and become rich", Zingeris said. According the politician, Lithuanians are proud to have gone forward, but Belarusians remained in the old semi-Soviet conditions.

- We are sorry about this. We look upon you as at brothers in-law.

But soon the time will come, and not only intelligentsia which constantly sits in prison, but all the people say the "the king is naked", Zingeris is sure.

"All the people will express what the think about the regime and will try to restore their human wealth in the form of a normal democratic Belarus. We will wait for you", Zingeris said.