Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Lukashenko: I have nothing to lose

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said the current financial and economic problems in a number of companies will be resolved and we should not be afraid of any social upheaval.

"I'm not afraid of anything, I have nothing to fear. I'm decisive man, I have nothing to lose," Alexander Lukashenko told reporters in Minsk on Saturday.

"If I'm afraid of anything, then it's only the opinion of people, of my electorate. I appreciate their opinion and I respect it", the president said. According to him, "if a worker says that something is wrong, then I react to it. How do I react, you know", Interfax-Zapad quoted Alexander Lukashenko.

Meanwhile, he said, "we won't make much of everybody anymore". "There is labor productivity - take your money in salaries," Alexander Lukashenko said, stressing that no one in the country won't print the empty money. "Where does the money printing leads to, you know, you felt it partly during the economic crisis", the head of state said. According to him, "this ruins any kind of production, if people get unearned money".