Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Lukashenko: We will change nothing on the eve of parliamentary elections

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said the parliamentary elections in autumn 2012 in the country will be held in strict accordance with the Constitution and any changes to the electoral law won't be made before them.

"I guarantee, the upcoming election campaign will be held at the highest level and in strict accordance with the Constitution and laws of Belarus", said Lukashenko, in his annual message to Belarusian people and the parliament.

At the same time he appealed to the representatives of the diplomatic corps present in the Oval Hall: "No steps to the left or to the right, I say it specifically for the diplomats and the part of society, which asks how the elections will be held".

The President stressed: "We will change nothing (in the electoral law - IF) on the eve of the upcoming elections. Time is wasted".

Lukashenko also said, he is an opponent of the elections under the proportional system. "The people by the majority system should elect deputies, the deputy should be very close to the ground, to his constituency, he should not depend on any lists", "Interfax-Zapad" quoted Lukashenko.

However, he praised the current composition of Parliament, and suggested that some of deputies present in the Oval Hall will go into the next convocation of the lower and upper chambers of the National Assembly of Belarus.