Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

“If people want to defend their rights, they should take the initiative“


Belarusian authorities have been forced to respond to the attempts of holding People's Assemblies during the fall of 2011. That's the politician Viktor Ivashkevich making comments to the House of Representatives amendments to National and Local Assemblies Law.

If one year ago the authorities were forced to invent unlawful formulations in order to disrupt the assemblies, than now they have brought their actions under the legal framework, Ivashkevich said in an interview with UDF.BY.

"The law was brought into line with the law "On mass events". Again, the wording is fixed: you have the right, but has no possibility", said the organizer of People's Assemblies.

Ivashkevich has no doubt - the amendments to the law will be adopted. In this case, he says, "the authorities will decide whether to allow or not, based on political considerations rather than on citizens' rights".

What opposition should do: to try to hold meetings, guided by new rules or to seek new ways of working with people? According to Ivashkevich, in each case it is needed to search for their own specific ways to act.

"The issue here is not the law, but the political situation. All decisions are taken in Belarus on the basis of political expediency. The authorities do so", said the politician. "And I think, the citizens are forced to do so, defending their rights. If the population of a particular neighborhood is really massively ready and is willing to participate in the meeting, it can conduct it. And the authorities, I think, can not prevent it, if it is massive".

Otherwise, repressions are inevitable, the organizer of People's Assemblies is sure.

"If people want to defend their rights, they should take the initiative themselves", said Ivashkevich.