Updated at 17:25,07-01-2021

UCP: Law enforcement agencies act as “a terror squad“


"Large-scale campaign to intimidate citizens has been launched in Belarus. Law enforcement agencies act as "a terror squad" and have a carte blanche to beatings, arrests and rigging of administrative cases".

It is said in the statement of the Political Council of United Civil Party, which was adopted on May 29.

The cases of Andrei Molchan, Vladimir Eremenko, Nikolai Demidenko, Oleg Volchek and of others is the proof and evidence, the document says.

"This is not only the examples of illegal actions of unlawful security forces - these are the criminal offenses. Pro-democracy activists are being tried to be intimidated, offended, beaten and imprisoned. There is every reason to believe that Belarus is ruled by a gang, which totally ignores the Constitution and international obligations of Belarus in the sphere of rights and freedoms of citizens", said in the statement of the Political Council of United Civil Party. "While beating activists, throwing them in jail, the regime is conducting the campaign of intimidation of all citizens of Belarus. In the situation of hard economic and financial crisis, responsibility for which fully lies on the authorities, this very state power allows itself to commit crimes, in order to prevent the growth of civic and social activity".

United Civil Party expresses solidarity with all victims of brutal repressions and urges citizens to actively join the campaign "for fair elections without Lukashenko".

"Free and fair elections is the only way to the changes in the country. We are now the majority, but without general ideas, without the joint action plan we are weak and defenseless", the statement says.

UCP demands from Alexander Lukashenko "to stop the use of law enforcement agencies as punitive expeditions against dissidents and supporters of change".

"This practice has only one perspective - the prosecution after the inevitable fall of the regime", the document says.