Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Among deputies are owners of six apartments


According to Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Kalinin, among those who took advantage of gaps in the housing legislation, built a large number of apartments with state support.

This the official said speaking on May 31 in the Oval Hall of the Parliament. When asked deputies whether the government has statistics, how many citizens using a variety of schemes have been able to build more than one apartment, Kalinin answered, they have such data only of the beginning of 2010, and they do not take into account the amount of housing built with government support. According to him, 5.3 thousand people own three apartments, 742 citizens - four apartments. The owners of five apartments - 170 people, six and seven - 140 people.

"For five years it is possible to build at least three apartments. I think they're some people who had the means and opportunities. And the law allowed them to build housing, including with government support, as the registration of such housing was permitted in up to 5 years", Interfax-Zapad quoted Kalinin.

"You know these people. And in this room probably sit these people who have more than one apartment in the ownership and use government support", said Deputy Prime Minister, referring to the Belarusian parliament.

However, he did not answer the question of deputies, whether the government intended to study somehow the acquisition of property by such homeowners.

The Vice Premier also said that in line for improvement of living conditions in Minsk there are now 273,000 families.