Updated at 14:37,26-01-2021

Poland may expel former crime investigator Pyzhyk to Belarus


Today Andrey Pyzhyk has been detained by Polish police, his wife says. There is every likelihood that he will be removed to Belarus in coming days.

The former crime investigator had to flee to Poland after he had refused to open a criminal case against Aliaksandr Kamarouski, the Afghan war veteran. Kamarouski’s run for the seat in the local council in the town of Zhodzina (Minsk region) was very annoying for the Belarusian authorities and it was decided to make away with him by means of criminal prosecution.

Being an invited expert Andrey Pyzhyk evaluated facts and versions in "Fear in the Land of Peace", the Belsat documentary that questioned the official theory about the April 11, 2011 attack in the Minsk subway system. Soon after the premiere the Belarusian side put him on the Interpol's wanted list.

According to Yulia Pyzhyk, a local police officer sent for her husband saying that some problems connected with gaining a refugee status had blown up. But later the woman found out that Andrey Pyzhyk would be expelled to Belarus in the near future.

"Andrey managed to give a note which states that the reason why he was detained is that he had spoken up in "Fear in the Land of Peace". There was no warning, he just went to that officer but did not come back", Andrey Pyzhyk’s wife says in despair.