Updated at 14:37,26-01-2021

Political prisoner Malchanau not allowed to attend his mother's funeral


They say in Zhodzina detention center that the political prisoner cannot bid farewell to his mother as he is not considered a convict yet.

Alyaksandr Malchanau appealed against the sentence of 1,5 years of imprisonment in a colony allegedly for stealing scrap metal. The appeal has not been considered yet, the sentence has not come into legal force so the prisoner is not considered a convict yet. The administration of Zhodzina detention center refuses to convoy him to Barysau to his mother's funeral. According to them, the law prescribes such procedure only for the convicts.

Let us remind you, human rights defender Ales Byalyatski also happened to be in the same situation before - they refused to send him to his father's funeral because of the filed appeal. However, they let him attend the farewell ceremony due to the public resonance. Besides, at that time Byalyatski was in the same detention center in Zhodzina.