Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Yermoshina: You know, a girl never says 'yes' right away

translated by UDF.BY

Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina says the Belarusian opposition will anyway participate in the elections to the House of Representatives.

"I think, they all will participate, at least a majority. As they fully aware that in order to preserve the right to be a politician, it is necessary to participate in the elections. It is necessary to cooperate with someone, to talk with partners, often with international ones, in whom you are interested.

So, I think the talks of boycotting elections - this is in a certain way kind of a coquetry. You know, a girl never says 'yes' right away, because it's indecent. Well, here is the same"
, Yermoshina said in an interview with Radio Liberty.