Updated at 17:19,07-01-2021

Kozik issued an ultimatum to the opposition

Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus can not stay away from such a socially significant event, as the parliamentary elections. Chairman of the trade union center Leonid Kozik said it on June 30 at a meeting of the Presidium of the FTUB Board.

"Elections is the most important campaign, which has a direct impact on the further development of Belarusian society, as the elected members through adopted laws will largely determine the course of the country over the next four years. Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, as most mass social organization can not remain aloof from such a significant event", FTUB press office quotes Kozik.

He also stressed: "To those who openly opposed the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, and thus spoke against the workers, called for a boycott of Belarusian goods to European markets, demanded the imposition of sanctions against our country, have no seat in parliament. FTUB will make every effort no to allow such people the legislative activity".

FTUB Press Service reminds, the parliamentary election campaign started on June 18. At present, the nomination of candidates to the district election commissions is being held.

"Membership organizations of the national trade union center are also being actively involved at this stage. It is expected, from the Federation of Trade Unions at least 300 people will be nominated in 110 district commissions. FTUB also actively planning to participate in all stages of the campaign for election to the House of Representatives, including the stage of nomination of candidates. Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus openly stated, it would support only those candidates, whose goals, objectives, and actual activities are not contrary to the conducted policy in the country, that of building nation for the people, the state with a socially oriented economy", BelaPAN quotes the message.