Updated at 17:25,07-01-2021

Lyabedzka: In government offices they've already have the names of 110 deputies


"A few days ago Lukashenko announced the information, the elections will be held on September 23. But the paradox is that in government offices they've already have the names of 110 deputies, that is, the campaign has not yet begun, but the deputies are actually there".

This was said by the chairman of United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka in response to readers' questions of the Russian portal Lenta.ru.

"And no matter what happens, no matter how much their opponents score votes - 55 or 99 percent, anyway the appointed people will get a deputy mandate. That's how it was in 2000, and in 2004 and in 2008", the politician reminded.

Therefore, according to Lyabedzka, in the upcoming campaign the UCP has decided not to act according to the authorities' scenario, but to offer their own scenario and announced the campaign's start "For Fair Elections without Lukashenko".

"And the word "Lukashenka" one can write as a title, because it is not only a specific person, but the whole system, including the organization of election campaigns", said the leader of the UCP. "In fact, it is an active boycott, and for us Lukashenka's election campaign is a tool for achieving the goals of our campaign. We register our candidates, in terms of the authorities they are "candidates", in our terminology they are "speakers". The speakers' task is to convey to people that Alexander Lukashenko and his system is a dead end. The exit out of the dead end is the fair elections without Lukashenko. Fair elections is a category not only political, but also economic, because the groundwork we have, we can not implement in the field of economics and governance, as there are no fair elections. That is why we urge people not to participate in this deception, in this farce. Those who will be forced to (and there will be a lot of cases), we propose to vote against all. Everyone of our speakers for the week prior to the completion of the election campaign will withdraw in protest against the fact there are elections. But the campaign will continue after all the results of the election campaign to be announced".