Updated at 17:19,07-01-2021

Rymasheuski: 14% is just the beginning


14% - a percentage of the electorate which is positive about the idea of boycotting parliamentary elections, according to the survey conducted by IISEPS in June. Is it much or little?

UDF.BY asked to comment on the research results Vital Rymasheuski - co-chair of the BCD, which stands for the active boycott.

First of all Rymasheuski noted, this is just the beginning of the information campaign. And he is confident in the future growth of followers: "The boycott campaign will be successful, I'm sure of it".

Here we must admit, the potential is really there. According to IISEPS, 28.3% of Belarusians still have not heard anything about the boycott, and 77% - answered "Yes" to the question "Do the country need changes?"

However, speaking about the changes, the BCD leader warned against disappointment. Changes in the state are possible only with changes in the opposition: "There won't be changes, if the opposition takes part in "elections", thus supporting Lukashenko's rating. This is a show, which aims to the deception of Belarusian people".

To change this situation and become more efficient, the opposition should start first from itself: "Changes in Belarusian politics must come. They start from each of us. In the first place - from the opposition. We need to rethink our actions in the past, our mistakes. Correspond to challenges of time and the needs of Belarusian people".

With regard to the criteria of success and his projections, "the sociological measurement will be made after the end of "elections". And then the numbers will speak for themselves. There won't be a need for another words", the politician convinced.

He also outlined the goal of the campaign - "to improve the platform, which brings together advocates for changes in Belarus".

"This is a group of people who are ready to fight, who does not support Lukashenko. And according to the data from IISEPS, more and more of these people are coming, today it is 52%.

The main task - not to disappoint them. And also - to show the effective methods of struggle. We answer the question of what an ordinary person who doesn't believe Lukashenko can do for the country to took a step towards a better, so the regime was gone, and democracy, freedom and justice to come to us? The boycott campaign says: "Don't go to the polls!". Don't go, in spite of pressure, threats and coercion by the authorities.

This is the first step. This means each person will make a special choice in the fight against the regime. I'm sure the real boycott will take place"
, Rymasheuski concluded.