Updated at 17:19,07-01-2021

By the next presidential elections Lukashenko to be shaked off in the EEU

Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Sergei Gaidukevich sure to win the next presidential elections.

"I am going to win the elections, because I'll have no opponents", the politician told BelaPAN.

Gaidukevich sure in the next elections, Alexander Lukashenko will not take part: "He will leave as the Secretary General of Eurasian Economic Union. By 2015, Lukashenko will go either to nowhere or in the EES and everything will be all right".

The leader of LDP is sure that if Lukashenko don't participate in the elections, then he will no longer has worthy opponents.

"In Belarus I have no opponents in terms of structures, as well as that of finance", said Gaidukevich.