Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Coordinator of Fair Elections Initiative fails to exit Belarus

Nasha Niva

Viktar Karniajenka, the coordinator of the civil campaign For Fair Elections was not permitted to exit Belarus. His passport was stamped with the inhibitory mark in the National Airport Misnk2 on July 12.

"I was not explained anything. I got my boarding pass. However, the passport control officers told me there was the prohibition on my exit. With no comments", says Mr. Karniajenka.

"I was heading to Vienna to attend this [OSCE conference on fair elections and monitoring] conference that will also be attended by the CEC chairperson Lidzija Jarmoshyna.

I have the invitation, too. I received it yesterday and was planning to catch the second working day. However, Belarusian authorities seem not to appreciate this"
, Mr. Karniajenka asserted.

The house of Viktar Karniajenka was searched on July 11, 2012. A number of copies of information flyers was seized from activists apartments.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka mentioned the list of persons prohibited to exit Belarus in March.

"We made it. But we havent introduced it yet. Now its not fully operating. But it will", said the President.

Several dozens of Belarusian politicians, civil activists and journalists did not manage to leave the country after this statement.