Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

KGB announces arrests of spies for Lithuania


Belarus’ Committee for State Security (KGB) issued a statement Thursday announcing that it had arrested a group of Belarusians for spying for Lithuania.

The statement says that a man, identified as "F" and described as a "fixed-post spy" of Lithuania’s military intelligence agency, was caught "red-handed" by KGB officers, while he was being handed secret information by members of his spy network, who were also arrested.

The KGB does not say when the arrests were made and how many people were arrested.

The KGB only stresses that there is documentary evidence that fully proves the group’s espionage activities "aimed at obtaining secret information in the military sphere", including information about the common security system of the Belarusian-Russian Union State, and that those arrested have admitted to spying for Lithuania.

"The timely intervention of the Committee for State Security enabled it to uncover the foreign intelligence agency’s plans, bring its activities under control and prevent serious damage to the defense capability and security of the state", the statement says.

The arrested people are facing a charge of high treason that carries a penalty of a prison term of seven to 15 years under Article 356 of the Criminal Code.