Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Milinkevich is taking part in the elections


On July 19 the leader of the movement "For Freedom" Alyaksandr Milinkevich submitted documents to register his initiative group. The politician is running for deputy in the Uruchski District 109 in Minsk.

As the movement's press service informs, more than 350 people take part in the initiative group, including singer Dmitry Bartosik, former political prisoner Nikita Likhovid, politician Grigoriy Kostusev, economist Sergei Chaly, former vice-rector of the European Humanities University Vladimir Dunayev.

"Today the situation is that the authorities on their own, the opposition on its own, and the people on their own. Meanwhile this period for the country is crucial", Milinkevich explained his intention to run for deputy. "We want to tell people about the successful reforms in various countries, including neighboring: in Estonia, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic and others. We also propose a plan for reforms in Belarus, while keeping in mind their mistakes. We will present "the People's Program" which we worked on for more than a year. Belarusians can conduct changes, because we have golden hands and bright minds".